Practice Cutting & Tracing with Pirate Printables

I made these two printables so that Lore could get a refresher in cutting and tracing. She cuts a lot when she makes her own little “crafts”, but I thought it would be fun to make a sheet for her to cut out pictures of her pirate and parrot, and then paste into their own little frames. She enjoyed it and used her “big girl” scissors instead of the safety scissors I normally give her.

Open Pirate Cutting Practice Printable

Cut & Paste Pirate & Parrot page
Cutting & Pasting

I also made a line-tracing printable. Honestly, Lore is pretty much past this, but I wanted to include it so that we’d have a full “set” by the end of the week. I meant to laminate this, but I still can’t find the packet with my laminating sheets. Boo!

Open Pirate Tracing Practice Printable

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