Polar Bear Craft

Polar Bear Craft
Homemade puffy paint
Painting the printable

I’ve been wanting to make a polar bear printable for a while, and what better time to do it than the winter? =) I surprised Lorelai with this craft tonight and – BONUS! – she got to do it with textured “puffy” paint! We haven’t used this kind of paint in a while… the last being the Unicorn Craft and the Snowman Craft from last year. This paint is more on the gritty side than smooth puff – it’s not made with shaving cream. I like it! =)

Here’s the recipe for the Textured Puffy Paint:
Equal parts flour, water, salt, and tempera paint. Mix together and paint… that’s it! Will dry slightly raised. I used 1/2 cup of each and put it into a tupperware bowl to reuse later.

Other ideas instead of paint: cotton balls unraveled a bit, dried white beans, etc.

Open Polar Bear Printable

*Check out our new, more realistic Polar Bear Craft, as well as our Arctic Animals Round-Up for more fun cold-weather animals!

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