Pilgrim Hat Craft with Printable


Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away? It really sneaked up on me this year. We squeezed in this fun pilgrim hat craft this morning and I wanted to share it quickly. It’s actually from this pilgrim hat craft that I designed years ago. We just re-made it this year and turned it into a headband craft!


The kiddos really enjoyed crafting in their PJ’s and using smelly (scented) markers to decorate their hats.


Open & Print: pilgrim hat template

What You’ll Need
– Template printed on cardstock (thicker paper)
– Crayons/Markers/Paint and anything else you want to decorate
– Scissors
– 2 bands of cardstock (2 or so inches wide)
– Staples/tape/glue

What to Do
– Print out the template (above) and have your child decorate.
– Cut out the pilgrim hat once dry.
– Make the head band by stapling or taping 2 straps of cardstock together.
– Staple/stape/glue the pilgrim hat to the middle of the band (on top of where you just stapled the band together)
– Wrap the head band around your child’s head until it’s snug. Staple/tape it to finish it up.

For more fun Thanksgiving crafts, go here! For a list of our fall crafts, go here!

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