Paper Bag Craft: Eagle Puppet


Bald eagles are one of my favorite kinds of birds, and not just because I’m American. I grew up living near a farm that’s home to a family of eagles. Every winter, my dad, little brother, and I would walk across the icy swamp to check out the eagles’ nest. Every once in a while, we would also park the four-wheelers on a big hill and watch them fly back to their nest, and we would occasionally find a feather laying in the field; an exciting discovery! Eagles were such a common occurrence on the farm that it makes me sad to know there are people who have never seen one in real life. They really are very beautiful.

With Memorial Day and the 4th of July coming up here in America, Lorelai and I crafted this cute paper bag eagle puppet. I know we have done quite a few paper bag puppets lately, but that’s only because they are really easy and fun to craft… and of course, they always turn out great! We’ve recently crafted an owl, giraffe, and a puppy dog.

We have also done a bunch of eagle crafts! Check them out: Printable Bald Eagle Craft, Handprint Bald Eagle, Paper Roll Bald Eagle

What You’ll Need:
1 Brown Paper Bag
White, Orange, & Brown Construction Paper
Black Marker
Glue Stick


  • First, trace the top flap of the brown paper bag onto the white construction paper. You’ll need a rectangle of white for the head part of the eagle. Cut out.
  • Draw circles for the eyes and then color in the black circles inside. You can skip this and use googly eyes – I didn’t have any that were big enough!
  • On your orange construction paper, draw the beak and the feet to look like those in the picture above. Cut out and set aside.
  • Next, draw the wings onto your brown construction paper. I actually used two pieces of brown construction paper…. I layered them together, then only cut once. It was a lot easier and the wings came out symmetrical.
  • Next, cut out the feather tuft for the top of your eagle’s head.
  • Glue everything down! You’re done!
  • I know, the directions are a little silly… this craft is so easy and pretty much self explanatory. You really can’t go wrong!

Books About Bald Eagles:

I hope you get a chance to craft a paper bag eagle with your little one(s)! It would be a great patriotic summer craft!

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