{ Painting with Cotton }

Instead of doing a structured craft today, I got some cotton balls and q-tips and let Lorelai fling some paint. Okay, there was no flinging involved. I think she loved that she was able to paint using something other than a paint brush. She spent a lot more time doing little details (flower pedals, sun rays, grass, etc) and wasn’t just painting mindlessly. Well, not all of the time, anyway, lol. 

Paint on her well-seasoned craft table - check
Paint with Q-Tips
Her beautiful picture for daddy!

I will definitely pull out the cotton products again and let her paint another picture. They would also be really good for painting “coloring” pages, as the q-tips are smaller than the average paintbrush, and fit better in little fingers.

Quick Tip: Don’t put a lot of paint in the cups. I put too much and most of it ended up down the drain after she was finished. Also, show your child how to pick up only little bits of paint on the cotton ball at a time – too much and it will saturate through and go all over little fingers!

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