Painting Vases

Lorelai has been painting vases lately! Unfortunately the vase she painted for my mom back in Texas broke on our trip over, so when we got here I went out and got some acrylic/enamel paint and Lore has been making presents for everyone. The first vase she painted was for Mommoo, her great-grandmother. Moo had just gotten out of the hospital and Lorelai wanted to make her something as a coming-home gift. Here are few pics:

Beautiful Flowers

Then today, Lorelai painted a small vase for her Aunt Janet’s 29th (hehe) birthday. She did polka dots, flowers, a heart, and “I <3 U Ant Janet”. Yes, she spelled ‘aunt’ A-N-T. Aunt Janet ate it up. =)

Polka Dots

What You’ll Need: Glass vases, Paint (glaze or all purpose acrylic), Paintbrushes
What to do: Paint! Just have fun with it. 🙂

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