Painted Leaves Craft

My friend Heather recently did a craft with her girls that focused on painting leaves. I thought that was a great idea, because around here, there aren’t a ton of colorful leaves – at least not yet. We have these hedge bushes around the apartment that have some nice green leaves… so we stole a bunch and I let Lorelai paint them in fall hues. (Note: you could paint leaves for the butterfly craft I posted before!)

I drew some bubble letters with the word ‘fall’ and waited patiently as Lorelai took her time painting the letters in  completely.

We waited an hour and then went back to cut out the letters and paste the leaves onto the cardstock. They weren’t completely dry, but patience isn’t my #1 attribute, so we just went with it.

Here is a shot of the a shelf on our bookcase. I never did get around to stringing up the ghosts because I liked them like this. 🙂

Oh, and M’s mom loved the leaf butterfly that Lorelai made her! M went up there to get Lorelai this morning and was informed that she slept in her undies all night with no accidents! She did have an accident right after he arrived because he was talking to his mom and wasn’t paying attention to her asking to go to the potty. She had fun, though. It’s nice that she’s developing a relationship with his side of the family. I definitely think that’s important! =)

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