{ Organization! }

I very strongly dislike being unorganized and it’s rare that I let things get this bad, but here is was my little project the other night: cleaning out our craft shelf! This thing right beside the door to the patio, where we do 90% of our crafts. So when we are done, I usually just throw everything back onto the shelf and forget about it until the next time we go to do crafts. Well, I got fed up and started pulling out the baskets the other night to start cleaning… as you can see, I already took out the top shelf, but it was pretty much as bad as the others. It took me THREE HOURS to get the entire thing organized and clean, between fighting off Lorelai (she wanted to play with everything) to trying to re-home stuff that had no business being in the case in the first place.

Let’s hope it stays that way for a while!!

p.s. Craft feathers are the devil. I’m sure of it.

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  1. Looks great!!! 🙂 Don’t you feel just awesome after a deep clean organization session?!?! I hate cleaning out my filing cabinet and then feel so good after it’s done! 🙂

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