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Nature Walk Observations & Scavenger Hunt Printable

Going on nature walks/hikes is one of our favorite things to do as a family. We regularly visit local parks and nature centers and just explore for a few hours. I decided to make an updated scavenger hunt/observation form for Lorelai to fill out today. This one is pretty basic and aimed for older kids, as opposed to our other scavenger hunt printable that has visuals for the younger kids.

We found most of the items on the list, including a ton of spiderwebs.

The trees in the park we visited were amazing. From huge pines to live oaks that sprawled across the forest, we definitely got an eyeful. The girls loved exploring- and Maddie added to her stick and rock collection! 🙂

It has been a while since I broke out my “big” camera and just took some artistic shots. I really enjoyed it!

Do you go on nature walks with your children often? If not, it’s definitely something to try. Grab the printable below – it’ll help give some direction and be fun to fill out! Don’t forget a pencil and clipboard. Enjoy!!

Open & Print: Nature Walk Printable

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