Nature Collage Craft

It’s so beautiful outside today. This is definitely MY kind of weather! High 60’s, breezy, and sun peaking out behind big puffy clouds. We rode the four-wheeler over to the farm and I did a time lapse video (lots of pictures put together to make a movie) of the clouds rolling across the sky. While we waited, Lorelai and I took a walk through the paths in the woods and scavenged some stuff to make a collage for Daddy. She got to look at woodpecker holes in the trees, squirrel homes, etc. She picked out leaves of varying colors, acorns, mini pine cones, little red berries, etc. When we got home, she glued them down to a piece of cardstock.

I love incorporating nature into crafts. I have another craft in mind while we’re up here in MD, but I’ll talk more about that later. Here are some pics!

Crafting with items she found in the woods
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