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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here before, but Lorelai knows all about our blog. She knows that Gammie and PopPop visit regularly to see her pictures, and that her friends (and other kids) get to see her crafts and do them because Mommy (me) puts the print sheets up for download. On “her” computer, there is a LCL bookmark link on the toolbar. She regularly clicks on it, navigates to the craft sections, and looks through her different projects.

Anyway, she has noticed the header changing quite a bit… and apparently she remembered the header where her crafts were featured. She came up to me while I was blogging yesterday and asked if I could put her pictures there. She brought her sketchbook over to me and started pointing out different pictures. “Mommy, I want to put my pictures at the top of our website.” NOT KIDDING.

I thought it was a great idea. So, check out our new cool header, featuring colorings by Lorelai. =) Here are a few more that wouldn’t fit…

Ladybug by Lorelai
Elephant by Lorelai
Unicorn by Lorelai - take note of her "to dad" lol
Kitty with a tutu dress by Lorelai
Snake by Lorelai

Leave a note in the comment for her ~ she’ll love hearing them!!

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  1. Hi Lorelai! I love ask of the pictures you made for the top of mommy’s page! My little girl is named Laila and she makes a lot of the same crafts that you make! Please tell your mommy that I said thank you for all the fun craft ideas.

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