Killer Whale Craft

Printable Killer Whale Craft

To start off Ocean Week, I made this killer whale craft for Lorelai. She loved it! She insisted that it needed to be purple, not black, which is usually what happens when it comes to her crafts. =) Print below, and enjoy!

Open Killer Whale Printable

Facts about Killer Whales

  • Killer whales, also known as orcas, are an endangered species.
  • They are the biggest member of the dolphin family.
  • They are known to be great hunters; their name comes from the amount of meat it eats in order to survive, not necessarily because of aggressive behavior.
  • Killer whales can be anywhere from 16-26 ft in length and weigh between 15,000-19,000lbs.
  • They live to between 50-60 years.
  • They live in groups called ‘pods’ of 6-40 whales. They swim all over the world, not minding the change in water temperatures.
  • Like dolphins, killer whales communicate through clicks and whistles.
  • Learn more about killer whales here.

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