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The Indri, a large species of lemur, is an endangered animal that is found only on the secluded island of Madagascar. We did a lemur craft at the beginning of this year, and Lore was happy to re-visit it in a roundabout way. We learned all about indris and looked at a ton of pictures and videos online. I designed the printable so the indri is sitting on a tree branch. Print below and enjoy!

Open Indri Printable

Facts About Indris

  • Indris are the largest of all lemur species living today – they can grow to be nearly a meter in height (3 ft).
  • They have a dense black coat of fur with white patches, and yellow eyes!
  • They have long hind legs which help them leap up to 10m between vertical branches in the forest.
  • They spend most of their time eating, sleeping, and mating high up in the trees.
  • The indri is a sociable animal that lives in family groups between 2 and 6 – a male and female pair and their young.
  • Indris are herbivores, eating only young leaves, fruit, seeds, and flowers.
  • Indris are endangered due to deforestation. Studies have shown that they do not do well in captivity, so trying to raise the population that way has proven to be unsuccessful.
  • Read more about indris here

Video – An indri eating while others do calls around him/her.

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