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How about this Howler Monkey Craft? We have made several monkey crafts in the past — Monkey, Circus Monkey, Paper Plate Monkey, Orangutan Craft — but never a howler monkey. My six-year-old really loved this one. She did notice that he only has 3 legs, and I explained it’s because of the angle of the monkey and how he’s supposed to be sitting on a limb. You can make one from a piece of brown construction paper. A big thanks to CraftProjectIdeas.com for the painbrushes and paint we used for this craft. Print below and enjoy!

Open Howler Monkey Printable

Facts About Howler Monkeys
– Howler monkeys live in tropical Central and South America.
– They howl so loudly, they can be heard up to three miles (5km) away.
– They are the biggest of all New World monkeys.
– They have what is called a “prehensile” tail, which means they can use it as an extra arm to grip branches with.
– A howler monkey can live 15-20 years in the wild.
– Read more about howler monkeys here.

Video About Howler Monkeys:

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