Homemade Ring Toss Game

Who doesn’t love a simple homemade game? This one isn’t flashy, but it’s fun and very hands-on! Ring toss is a classic game that you can find in most stores, but is also one of those games that are so incredibly easy to make. We made one a few days ago and the verdict is in — save your money and go the homemade route!

The object of this game is simple, you take a ring and try to loop it overtop of the water bottle. Like I said — simple! You can take turns and tally up the score; whoever reaches 5 or 10 rings first wins! Or you could always just do what we did and play and play and play and not keep score. =) We had fun with it.

145Materials You Will Need — A water bottle, contruction paper, glue/glue stick, stickers (optional)… For each ring, two pipe cleaners & and some beads! We received free samples of the stickers, pipe cleaners, and beads from our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com and they worked like a charm!

What To Do — Curl the construction paper around your water bottle and cut it to size. I left the top uncovered so I wouldn’t have to do extra glue at the top. We had no problems with it. (Note: Use a full or half-full water bottle – an empty one will tip too easily. Have your child decorate the construction paper-covered water bottle with stickers. We had a rockstar theme going on and used guitars and musical notes!
— For the “rings”, tie two pipe cleaners together and twist the ends until they lay flat. Have your child add beads to both sides, then secure when you get the desired size ring. We liked the slightly bigger ring (it was a little less than 2 pipe cleaners) because it was easier to hook over the water bottle. When you get the size you want, secure the unattached ends of the pipecleaners together and twist until your ring completely secure. Your ring toss game is ready to be played!!!

Overall, this craftivity was totally worth doing. The rings are a little flimsy since we used pipecleaners, and as I stated above, it’s not flashy. BUT, it’s the perfect boredom buster for a cold, rainy day. I definitely recommend it! Enjoy!

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