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Handprint Sunflower

Two quick and easy crafts today! The first is a sunflower handprint that I saw over at Meet the Dubiens. Lore’s didn’t come out as nicely because she insisted on doing everything by herself. Actually, I think I like it so much more because of it! She is getting so independent.

Directions: You’ll need a piece of cardstock & paint (yellow, black, green). I just painted her hand with yellow paint, she pressed it down 4 times, keeping the palm area in the same general spot/area. She painted the stem and leaf. Once it dried for a few minutes, she painted the middle black. You could use beads, dried black beans, or a piece of black construction paper.

Handprint Tulip

The other one inspired this one – the classic handprint tulip! I remember doing this one in elementary school. So simple – just one handprint and a stem. Lorelai also did this one by herself! You only need red and green paint. 🙂

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