Ghost Decorations

I was putting away the paint from our earlier craft when I noticed a piece of white cardstock sitting on the counter. I took it out last night to cut out ghosts, but never got around to it. Since our earlier craft was insanely simple, I decided to do another today, and Lore was definitely up to it. This one’s really simple, too.

Cut out as many ghost shapes as you want.

We used watercolor for the eyes since I didn’t have any black craft paint left. I showed her once and she was good to go on the other two. She did a really good job!

I let her pick which ghosts were which. She was really excited to tell me which ghost was hers, mine, and her daddy’s! I quickly painted the letters on (Lorelai, Mommy, Daddy) and set them aside with the pumpkin to dry.

Once they finished drying…. Voila! They decorate one window on our TV Console! I’ve been wanting to decorate it, and got totally inspired this morning when noticing the fingerprints (I cleaned them shortly after – LOL).

One picture without Lou, one with.

The ‘Boo!’ wording was done with white glass markers/crayons.

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  1. Artist in the making. I got my picture of the two of us today. Dad was ~ We sure do miss you guys! Love you xoxo

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