{ Easy Snowman Art }

Easy Snowman Art
Easy Snowman Art
Mixing Paint
Mixing Paint
The Process
The Process

Snowmen are such a fun part of winter. Unfortunately, here in Texas, we don’t get snow… or at least not enough to make a snowman. I’ve always been a big fan of snow, even as an adult. I grew up in the countryside of Maryland, where there were plenty of photo ops and sledding hills. I hate that Lorelai doesn’t get to experience it, but she will someday… hopefully within the next couple of years. =) Anyway, this project was fun and simple.

Materials We Used:
Cardstock – 2 sheets
Paint, light blue (I mixed white and a dab of dark blue)
Black, Orange, and Red Markers (or crayons)

What To Do:

  1. Draw three circles (medium, medium-large, and large) on the spare sheet of cardstock, as shown in the photo above.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. Lay them down onto the other sheet of cardstock until they resemble a snowman.
  4. While holding them down, have your child paint all around the circles, making sure to paint right up to the edge of the circles.
  5. Once finished, carefully lift off the circles and admire your white snowman!
  6. Once dry, draw on the hat, eyes, mouth, buttons, scarf, and nose!

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  1. Hi there, just stumbled upon your page and love some of your ideas. Would also love to share some of them in time on our upcoming parenting page (www.facebook.com/ConsciousParentingApproach). Do stop by and say ‘hello’ – would love to have you visit!

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to more creative ideas!

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