Dexter’s Castle

I had this super cool idea to make a “fairy house” for Dexter. Back in MD, we went to an arts festival that had cute little constructed houses throughout the woods. Very whimsical and fun. Considering Dexter doesn’t really have a “safe” place to chill when Lorelai’s around, I decided to make him one. Here it is:

Well, that’s the start of it, anyway. Two amazon boxes stacked on top of each other. Lorelai and I went to town painting it and adding beads this morning. It took about an hour. Yes, our male cat has a pink and purple castle as a home! I fear ever having a boy baby. LOL!

Once it dries, we plan to add stickers, stamps, and flags.

Oh, I already know he loves it. I had it sitting on the floor in the family room last night and he was chilling in it. =)

When it’s not being used as his castle, I’m sure Lorelai will put her barbie car in it. It easily doubles as a garage.

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