Color By Numbers: Ballerinas

Open Color By Numbers- Ballerinas Printable

I made another Color By Numbers sheet today. I’ve been seriously slacking on the preschool program front but I’m not overly enthused to start it back up again until after the new year. Lorelai’s getting a bunch of “learning” stuff for Christmas (see, not all toys.) and hopefully that will remotivate me to start working with her again. This is also a printable. The link is above.

Anyway, she got her hair tangled in the train set this afternoon. I guess it has wheels like the zhu zhu pets. I noticed it last night and I told her to keep it away from her head (she tried to put it on top) because it would hurt her. Guess what she did today? Yep, you got it… she got her hair tangled in the wheels. I had to cut out a decent sized chunk – the wheels still aren’t working. Looks like it’ll be a push train afterall.

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  1. My daughter loves these color by number sheets and all of the crafts we have done from your blog. Thanks a bunch


  2. Oh no about the train and the hair! We don’t have any zhu zhu pets because of my fear of that happening! I’m gonna print this sheet and some of the other coloring sheets you’ve done to bring with us to the dr office to hopefully keep Abby entertained. It’s a 5:15 appointment for Micah- meltdown hour around here. Not looking forward to spending it in the dr office.

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