Christmas Tree Printing

Lorelai and I were both bored, Máyo was late, and all of the chores were done. I was about to go turn on the TV when Lorelai saw the craft box on the floor and started digging through it. When she asked to do one (I’m serious, the girl loves her little activities), I was fine with it since we got the snowman one done early in the morning. Potato printing it was! We did this last year and it turned out really well. You basically just cut a potato in half and then cut out a shape. I prefer the inverted look, personally.

Lorelai did this one all by herself. She didn’t push down hard enough on some, hence the tree didn’t come out all of the way.
We did this one together. Don’t mind the ‘Merrry’… a sign you shouldn’t try to glue in cursive while trying to keep your 3-year-old from stamping herself and flinging glue everywhere.


  • Use a marker to draw the shape on first.
  • Be sure to cut the potato in half straight across – if it’s at an angle or uneven, it might be a little hard for them to push down for a clear print.
  • Don’t decorate afterwards yourself while distracted. (Merrry Christmas!)
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