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{ Christmas Projects }

We’re on a budget this year, so I’m making a bunch of homemade gifts for Lorelai so that she has more than just a couple of things to open on Christmas. Here’s what I’m planning to make so far:

MORE BABY DIAPERS: All of the ones I made a couple of years ago are either super worn out (felt) or have been lost in the move.

ANOTHER TUTU: Always a hit.

HAIR BOWS: Again, no idea where they all went!



HOMEMADE TIC TAC TOE GAME (but not with rocks):

I think out of all of this stuff, I think I’m most excited about the rapunzel hair. It doesn’t look that hard at all! =)

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  1. Love them! I almost made the yarn hair for Abby for Halloween but instead bought the disney braid. Love the owl! Abby’s in love with owls & my mom is supposed to be making her an owl pillow… In addition to a long list of other seeing projects!

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