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Printable Cat Mask
Painting fun

All credit to this one goes to Lorelai. She came up to me this afternoon while I was making printables and asked me to make a cat mask for her. I thought it was a great idea, and was planning on saving it for later in the week. However, M (my husband) called and said he’d be home late, so we had some spare time with nothing to do. We got right to it. Lorelai painted this one in bold, bright colors. We’re still waiting for it to dry to paint on the whiskers, but that probably won’t come until tomorrow morning.

Print below and as always, enjoy!

Open Cat Mask Printable


  1. Print the printable cat mask.
  2. Have your child paint and decorate it until its his/her own masterpiece. Allow to dry.
  3. Cut out the mask, including the eye holes. Tip: make a small incision in the center of the eye hole with a knife, then gently insert your scissors to carefully cut out the inside of the eye.
  4. Now it’s time to attach the string. Make small holes with your scissors near the indicated circles beside the ears. Thread a piece of string through the hole and secure with a knot. Cut off the SMALL tail – obviously you’re going to leave the longer one to tie behind your child’s head. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Have your child hold the mask up to his/her face and tie the strings behind their head like you would a shoe. Viola, you’re done!!


  1. You can use a jumbo popsicle stick in place of the strings if you’d rather keep it simple. Just glue down at the bottom of the mask.
  2. The eye circles I made fit my nearly 5-year-old perfectly. You may need to cut further in (or out) depending on your child’s face and eye placement.

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