Cardboard Puppet Theater

Puppets are an all-time favorite here, especially our Storytime Puppets. Lorelai still plays with them regularly, so when I suggested making an actual puppet theater for the sets, she was thrilled. The great thing about this puppet theater is that it’s not complicated at all. I didn’t even write out instructions, just tips, which you can find below.

– 1 medium-sized piece of Cardboard, square cut out of the middle
– Acrylic Paint / Drop cloth / paintbrushes
– Decorative elements: cloth for curtains, gem embellishments, etc.
– Tape (for curtains, optional)
Note: the paint, paintbrushes, and gems were given to us by our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com.

Tips for making your puppet theater:
– Use a box cutter to cut out the center piece of the cardboard.
– We got our cardboard from a rice cooker I bought. You can cut up a moving box or even a cereal box!
– Fold over the sides 3-4 inches in. The longer the flaps, the more stable your box will be.
– Use a drop cloth & apron when painting with acrylic paints – they stain! We actually used a puppy training pad (new, obviously) to protect our kitchen table since we didn’t have any newspaper.
– Use plenty of tape when attaching the curtains.

I hope you get a chance to make this puppet theater and play with our Storytime Puppets! The set Lorelai was using in these pictures was the Little Red Riding Hood bunch. Please Pin the image below to share with your friends!


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