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Pretend Play Classroom Set


Pretend Play is a great way to nurture the imagination. My six-year-old has always enjoyed role-playing different community helpers. A couple of years ago, we bought her a little school set and discovered that she LOVED pretending to be a teacher. It is literally an everyday thing for her now. We even play school after she gets home from school. In fact, it was the first thing we did this morning after we woke up! She’d had all of her baby dolls lined up on the couch with the white board classroom sitting on our tv entertainment center. =)
I designed this Classroom Set for her to play with since her old school set is falling apart. I laminated everything (except for the clock) and used little magnets to hold the pieces to our dry-erase board. You can use clear sheet protectors instead of laminating…. I just wanted to have all of the different pieces separated.

NOTE: This set is in hues of gray, black, and red. I used grayscale on my printer and everything came out gray and purple because I’m almost completely out of colored ink. It looks really great in color though – I recommend you use that setting!


Included in this set:
White Board/Chalkboard – laminate and use a dry erase marker on it. You can practice math problems, spelling words, etc.

Studen Roll Call – write down all of your students’ names. Call out, and check off which ones are present. Tally up the total in spaces provided at the bottom.

Daily Schedule – a list of class subjects. You can cut them out and alternate them on your board for variety.

Clock – the clock is pretty much self explanatory. I used a brad clip to hold the hands to the face of the clock.

Hall Pass – write your student’s name down and check off the place in which he or she needs to visit.

Report Card – there are spaces for subjects and grades. Very simple!

Open Pretend Play Classroom Printable

I hope you enjoy this free printable Classroom Set! You can see all of our other Pretend Play Sets here!


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  1. We really love all your crafts. This classroom set is a big hit with my 5 year-old. She has half a dozen stuff animals all lined up around the coffee table and has been playing school for the past 2 hours. She barely ate breakfast. We’ve been using the restaurant and pet one for almost a year now. I just printed out some others and laminated them all. I use to just have the restaurant and animal one printed on card-stock in those protective sleeves and they would use those washable markers on them.

    A big thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations that add joy to our house.

  2. This is AWESOME! Please add more of these kinds of pretend play sets such as:
    a store theme
    a hotel theme
    a garden theme
    or a theater theme
    Thank you so much! These are amazing!

  3. I could not print it because of school security bookcase sites. Sounded great. Wish it would print in this site.

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