Printable Turkey Craft

Open Turkey Body & Open Turkey Feathers

I made this turkey template last night so that Lorelai would have something fun to do today. Mayo will be getting some overtime in today and won’t be home til later than usual. It didn’t take long to do this craft. I gave Lorelai the option of coloring with crayons of painting, and she chose crayons. I’m glad – I was so not in the mood to pull out the paints and deal with the mess today. Plus, I like to do crafts in the morning on the patio and it’s been pretty chilly here in the morning. (Chilly enough for the heat to go on!)

I also made it available for download/printing (the links are above). If you’re just going to use crayons, regular printer paper will work. I recommend cardstock if you use paint (or mix media for a fun collage) since it’s thicker.

Cheesing it up for the camera. I got a little scissor happy on the scrapbooking paper. Whoops!

Where it’s being displayed until this weekend. She’s going to give it to her grandma (abuelita).

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  1. Hey, I just did this one with Mia! We don’t have a printer so I just drew a makeshift version with a black pen. Thanks for the inspiration, Mia loved it! 🙂

  2. I love this project!
    Lorelai is so pretty and I love the pics that you posted on here!
    Thanks for sharing this site.

  3. Thanks so much for this fun website. I found you off Google and will use you from now on. I am a preschool teacher and this website is perfect! My kiddos will love the turkey craft and the train template. Thanks again, Shea Blosser

  4. Please do not print my previous message. When all fails – read instructions!
    I was able to print it and happy to share with my little kids. Thanks!


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