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My daughter has always enjoyed being outdoors, so it came naturally for her to love doing nature crafts. From fun collages she put together with the bits of leaves and acorns she found on our walks, to printable nature-related crafts… she loves it all! I decided to put together an A-Z list of crafts we have made together. I had to fill in a few with odd plants and animals, but that was to be expected. Please feel free to share this post on your social media accounts and PIN the image above! I hope you enjoy this list, and as always, happy crafting!

A is for Acorn
B is for Bird House
C is for Coconut Tree
D is for Daffodil
E is for Exploring Animal Tracks
F is for Flowers
G is for Grasshopper
H is for Homemade Bird Feeder
I is for Iris
J is for Jellyfish in a Bottle
K is for Koala
L is for Layers of the Rainforest
M is for Mushroom
N is for Nest
O is for Ocean Waves in a Bottle
P is for Paintbrushes
Q is for Quetzel
R is for Rainbow
S is for Scavenger Hunt
T is for Trees
U is for Umbrella Bird
V is for Volcano
W is for Weather Match
X is for eXperiment Special: Rainclouds
Y is for Yellow/Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Z is for Zinnia

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