A-Z Endangered Animal Crafts


Welcome to our Endangered Animals unit round-up page, where you will find animals categorized alphabetically from A-Z. There were some letters that didn’t have an endangered animal, so I filled those in with animals from the Threatened or Vulnerable categories.

Definition of an endangered animal:
An endangered species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either few in numbers, or threatened by changing environmental or predation parameters.

Learning about and crafting these animals was quite an adventure. There were many that we hadn’t even heard of before, such as the quetzal, numbat, and dhole. I was sad to learn that many of the animals on this list are endangered, and on the way to be critically endangered, because of deforestation, poaching, and other human causes. Overall, this was a fun unit. My animal-loving daughter had a blast painting all of the new printables and filling up her bedroom walls with these animals. =)

A is for… African Wild Dog
B is for… Beluga Whale
C is for… Cheetah
D is for… Dhole
E is for… (African) Elephant
F is for… Falcon*
G is for… Grizzly Bear
H is for… Humpback Whale
I is for… Indri
J is for… Jaguar
K is for… Killer Whale**
L is for… Lion**
M is for… Manatee
N is for… Numbat
O is for… Orangutan
P is for… Panda
Q is for… Quetzal
R is for… (Black) Rhino
S is for… Sea Turtle
T is for… Tiger
U is for… Umbrella Bird
V is for… Vaquita
W is for… Water Buffalo
X is for… X-tinct Special: Woolly Mammoth
Y is for… Yak*
Z is for… Zebra Shark*

*- threatened
**- vulnerable

A big thanks to my husband for coming up with the idea of doing a set of endangered animal crafts! Please “like” us on Facebook to see all of the latest crafts and activities as they are posted!

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  1. Thank you! What an amazing idea, I look forward to completing these over the next couple of weeks with my daughter.

  2. Thank you so much! I will be using this unit for our Summer Camp “Endangered Species” week. I created a PowerPoint with the info you included on each animal. I know my 5th/6th graders will enjoy it!

  3. Thank you so much for these! I have used them as an activity for my Beaver Scouts to complete their Global Issues badge. Excellent quality printables and really helpful facts too.

  4. I cannot thank you enough for ALL your amazing animals! My fourth graders completed an endangered species project for open house and these were the perfect addition to make their project complete. I teach six different grade levels for science and fourth grade was by far the best display! Thank you!!

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