{ A Big Decision }

For the past few days, I have been doing a major overhaul of Learn Create Love. There is a new design, which I’m still tweaking. It doesn’t feel anywhere near done and I’m still trying to get used to it, but it’s a start. I really, really loved the sub navigation menu above, which is why I chose to buy the shell of this design. Let me know what you think!! Anything you love or hate?

Anyway, I also decided to remove 98% of Lorelai’s pictures from the site. It was a decision that wasn’t made lightly, and was done with her best interests in mind. This website has grown, and grown, and grown, and continues to grow each month. It’s just the right time. LearnCreateLove isn’t what it started off to be (a family blog), but more of a craft blog and archive. We (M, Lore, and I) are happy with that… we just want her to be a little more anonymous, especially since this place is really taking off.

I wasn’t able to take down every photo, as much as I wanted to. There were some craft posts that I would have had to deleted completely, and I wanted to avoid that. So instead of having 1-2 thousand pictures of Lorelai, there are now like 20. I can live with that. I also had to password protect most of the family update posts or her photo shoot posts. Sorry if you come across a bunch of empty/password posts!

I was distraught a few nights ago when I started deleting pictures. It was a total bittersweet process. Have you seen the movie Tangled? Remember when Rapunzel  finally got out of her tower and was running through the woods, elated at one moment, and devastated the next? That was me. I felt like I was ruining this awesome thing I created, and then a minute later I felt peace that I was doing the right thing. Then again, “This picture is so sweet. So freaking sweet. How can I delete it? Lorelaiiiiii.” Then, “Oh I have back-ups and there is Facebook.”

Did I mention that it was — no, is — bittersweet? It so is. I told Lorelai yesterday that I was taking down her pictures and she got so upset. Whenever we have some down time, we like to stretch out on the bed and look at her baby pictures on my laptop. Most of those were on here. We would just click through older posts and reminisce. She almost started crying, guys. It was so sad. When I asked her why that made her so sad, her response totally surprised me. It had nothing to do with HER pictures, and everything to do with the crafts. She said, “So you are not going to let my friends and other kids do my crafts?” SO SWEET! She was worried about YOU GUYS, lol! She “gets” LCL and is happy to share.

So no worries about the crafts, they are all still there. New ones are coming soon, as well as a bunch of fun activities and experiments.

Also, I’m sorry if some of the posts are a little spacey, or if I refer to a picture that isn’t there. I had 800 posts to go through and didn’t (and don’t) have the time to read every single post.

Anyway, that’s all. I still have to get to the Facebook page’s design, and plan to sometime this week.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about the new layout!! Have a great weekend. =)


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  1. Completely understand the bitter-sweetness of it – but in this day & age – it’s for the best 🙂 I try not to put too much of V & T out there in the air either, but sometimes it’s very hard (i.e. MANY pictures with chubby little hands on crafts :). I’m so glad I did this KBN ABC series that lead me to you & that we got to connect through printables! I’ll be over – OFTEN 😉 xx m

  2. Oh I know!! Sooo many cute pictures of happy smiles and long eyelashes. I still plan on posting chubby hands holding paintbrushes though – can’t really identify her by her fingernails, lol! I just needed to remind myself that I will still have those pictures, and take more. The only thing that has changes is that it won’t be on the blog.

    I’m still working through this, obviously. LOL!

    Thanks again for your support. I am also grateful to have “met” you!!

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