Stargazer Lily Printable Craft


Stargazer Lillies are such beautiful flowers! A few weeks ago, I posted a printable Iris and Daffodil, and designed this lily. My daughter had fun trying to make the flower look just like a stargazer… I think she did a great job! You can find all of our other flower crafts in our Flower & […]

Printable Watering Can Craft


Gardening and watering flowers is something my daughter absolutely loves to do. It came as no surprise when she asked for a watering can craft template. She chose to paint hers green with pink spots. A big thanks to our friends at for the paints & paintbrushes we used for this craft. Print the […]

Clothespin and Cupcake Liner Flower Craft


You can never have too many flower crafts, right? Especially when you have a little girl at home who loves them! Lorelai and I made these clothespin & cupcake liner flowers last night and we love how they turned out. It’s such a quick and simple craft, anyone can do it! What You’ll Need— Clothespins, […]

Printable Flower Craft: Daffodil


Spring is well underway and we are just now getting into our flower crafts. That said, May is the perfect time to make a pretty daffodil. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers! Lorelai, my six-year-old, really enjoyed this one. Each petal is a separate piece, so you will be gluing a lot. […]

Printable Umbrella Craft


It’s dark and rainy outside today and I thought it would be the perfect time to share this printable umbrella craft! I’ve been holding onto this one for a few weeks. It’s simple and straight-forward with only two pieces – the umbrella top, and the handle. Glue them together and you will have an umbrella! […]

Printable Baby Chick Craft


I have this really sweet memory from my childhood where my cousin and I were holding and playing with fuzzy baby chicks. I think back on that time every spring when the chicks and easter bunny decorations are put up in the stores. This year has been no exception! Having been inspired by my memories, […]

Printable Bumblebee Craft


Spring is well underway here in Houston, and summer temps are very quickly approaching. Wanting to finish up our spring crafts, I made this cute bumblebee craft for Lorelai to paint and assemble. She enjoyed it! We did this bumblebee and flower craft a couple years ago and we were way overdue for another bumblebee. […]

{ Handprint Spring Tree Craft }


We have done many handprint tree crafts in the past, but this is our first official spring tree! The tree outside of our patio is beginning to bloom. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that it finally lost it’s orange and yellow leaves. While Lore and I were playing with her […]

{ Cup-Holder Flower Recycled Craft }


Recycled materials are always fun to craft with. I collect paper towel and tissue paper rolls, bottle caps, cereal boxes (broken down), old magazines, and more. No, I’m not a hoarder. I have a small box under my kitchen sink that I keep filled with materials we can turn into a craft. I came up […]

Printable Spring Chick Craft


Spring is officially here today! What better than to do some fun spring crafts to celebrate? Here is one ~ a spring chicken. The other will be posted tomorrow morning, so keep an eye out! Lorelai did this one all on her own. From painting, to cutting, to gluing. She is becoming more and more […]

Printable Tulip Craft


Lorelai did this cute tulip craft a few days ago when she wasn’t feeling bad. She used pastels and worked on blending. Though you can’t tell from this pic (my flash blew out the colors – oops!), the colors are actually really cute and are blended well. She has a lot of fun getting her […]

{ Easy Flower Craft }


Springtime is almost here! I know many parts of the US are breathing a huge sigh of relief right about now. And, while the temperatures in Houston never got too cold, I am ready for bright blue skies and fun spring activities. Lorelai asked me about flower crafts a couple of weeks back and I […]

Printable Kite Craft

Printable Kite Craft

Summer is nearly over, so I’ve been trying to get Lorelai to finish up these spring & summer-y printables that I’ve had sitting in a folder for a while. She painted this kite yesterday. Like the colors? Lorelai decided that a black and pink kite was “stylish” (her words). No process photos… just print below […]

Printable Flower & Pot Craft

Printable Flower & Pot Craft

This one was inspired by a pin I ran across on Pinterest yesterday. Lorelai was sitting beside me, spotted it, and immediately asked to make it the colorful, painted flower. It wasn’t a printable so I quickly made one. She had fun using a bunch of different colors. I can’t find the original pin, but […]

{ Handprint Sunflower Craft }

Handprint Sunflower

We crafted this adorable handprint sunflower craft a few days ago. We did a painted version of this one a while back, but I think I like this one much better. Materials We Used: 3 Pieces of Yellow Construction Paper 1 Piece of Black Construction Paper (or a paper plate, painted) 1 piece of Green […]

{ Blow Art Chicks }

Lorelai's Blow Art Chicks

Lorelai was getting pretty restless this evening before dinner, so we went out onto the patio to do a fun spring craft. This one was really easy and quick, and I’m grateful for that since it was SO windy! I consider this blow art, even though it’s not as splattery as typical blow art. You […]

Fingerprint Cherry Blossom Tree

Printable Cherry Blossom Craft

Open Fingerprint Cherry Blossom Tree Printable I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Ours is going okay, but I’ll blog more about that later. For now, here’s a fun spring craft that Lorelai did this morning. She loved having different shades of pink and glitter glue to decorate her cherry blossom tree. =) You […]

{ Scratch Art Flower }

Coloring the flower

After getting dressed and eating breakfast, Lorelai asked to do a craft. I had been wanting to do scratch art with her for a long time, but I always forgot… until today! I decided to make it more than just scratch art by making a flower as well, since it’s spring. Lorelai loved it! After […]

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