Printable Wise Owl Craft


It’s not uncommon for me to “sit” on a craft for almost a year. It has actually happened quite often! This Wise Owl craft is another good example. Lorelai crafted this one almost a year ago. I blame it on pregnancy lost-mindedness. It’s an actual thing, I promise. Anyway, we revisited this craft again last […]

Raven Printable Craft


A raven craft was requested when we were doing our desert animal crafts. Lorelai loves ravens — mainly because she was born in Baltimore, MD, home to Ravens football team. She crafted her raven with blank paint, then cosmic paint on top of that. Print a copy of our raven template below! Open & Print […]

Red-Billed Hornbill Printable Craft


Remember Zazu, the feisty bird from the movie The Lion King? Well, he’s a Red-Billed Hornbill, the same type of bird I’m featuring as a craft today! When coming up with a list of African Savannah animals, we chose to include this one for some variation. We have lots of mammals and needed a bird […]

Kingfisher Printable Craft


Kingfisher birds are found all over the world, and the species we did is brightly colored and beautiful! My 7 year-old decided to try out her new neon paints for this craft and they worked perfectly in capturing the brightness of the kingfisher. Grab your copy of the printable below and enjoy! You can also […]

Button Owl Craft


We have quite the collection of craft supplies after years of making fun crafts. I’ve been cleaning out our stash and recently came across these jumbo buttons. Last week we made some Clothespin Button Spiders, and today we made some mini Owls! We are still huge fans of owls here, so this was the perfect […]

Printable Whooping Crane Craft


After YEARS of being on my very long list of crafts to make, I finally got around to designing a Whooping Crane craft! This craft would go great with Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle’s Book Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? That was one of Lorelai’s absolute favorite books when she was […]

Printable Blue Macaw Craft


Have you seen the movie Rio? It’s a favorite around here, among many others. Lorelai and I were so excited to hear about the sequel coming out this week! I decided to design a blue (hyacinth) macaw craft for Lorelai to make and she was soooo glad I did! It’s not exactly like Blu from […]

Printable Bird’s Nest Crafts


Spring is in the air – for some of us! Luckily the warmer temperatures have reached Texas and we have been enjoying the gorgeous weather. My parents on the east coast (USA) got to see more snow yesterday. My condolences to those who are having an extra-long winter! Today I’m posting about these springy crafts […]

Handprint Dove Craft


With Christmas only a week away, I have been trying to squeeze in many simple holiday crafts. Since handprint crafts are our favorite, we did another one… a peace dove! We all loved how this one turned out and ended up hanging him on our fridge. We made ours using construction paper – I just […]

Paper Bag Turkey Craft


Brown paper bag puppets are always fun to make. We have made quite a few, including an owl, eagle, puppy, and a giraffe. I thought this turkey puppet would be a fun Thanksgiving Craft to make, and I was right! Lorelai really enjoyed this one. She did almost all of the work. I just drew […]

Witchy Owl Printable Craft


Halloween is coming up in a couple of weeks and this turned out to be a cute addition to our Halloween Crafts. While we have done many owl crafts, this one is definitely my favorite. It’s witchy, cute and is great for any owl lover! Print below and enjoy! Open Witchy Owl Printable Printable Instructions […]

Umbrella Bird Printable Craft


As a part of our Endangered Animals unit, we did this cute Umbrella Bird craft. Though the Umbrella Bird is not endangered, their numbers are unfortunately currently classified as ‘vulnerable’. Lorelai, my 5.5 year-old, is obsessed with animals of all kinds, so she was happy to get to paint this “cool” bird. She chose to […]

Quetzal Printable Craft


The Quetzal is another species of our Endangered Animals unit. Though they aren’t endangered, they are threatened. Neither Lorelai, my animal-obsessed 5-year-old, or I had heard of a quetzal before seeing it on an endangered/threatened animals list. We googled it and were amazed by how beautiful this bird is! It’s vibrantly colored with extremely long […]

Blue Jay Printable Craft


Blue jays are such beautiful birds. It was no surprise that my daughter requested to make it after she spotted one in a bird book. While her craft doesn’t have all of the intricate designs on the wings and tail feathers, she is still proud of it. Print below! Open Blue Jay Printable Facts About […]

Printable Falcon Craft


Falcons are such beautiful birds; we couldn’t pass up crafting one after we saw them featured on National Geographic’s North America TV series. On the show, the mother falcon was very protective of her babies and saved them from a huge snake. She also warned off a group of pelicans by crumpling their wings so […]

Printable Pelican Craft


Last week, our little family traveled down to the coast to have a beach day. We were all looking forward to the trip out of town, the wavy beach, and hot sand. What I didn’t expect to see were a bunch of brown pelicans fishing over the water. I sat under the umbrella for hours […]

Paper Plate Owl Craft


Another owl? Yes, another owl. If you don’t know, we’re just a bit owl & butterfly obsessed! Lorelai and I crafted this paper plate owl last week after supper when things were winding down. It was very simple and came out really cute! Materials You’ll Need: 2 Paper Plates Brown Paint + paintbrushes Scissors Glue […]

Paper Bag Craft: Eagle Puppet


Bald eagles are one of my favorite kinds of birds, and not just because I’m American. I grew up living near a farm that’s home to a family of eagles. Every winter, my dad, little brother, and I would walk across the icy swamp to check out the eagles’ nest. Every once in a while, […]

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