Printable Whooping Crane Craft

After YEARS of being on my very long list of crafts to make, I finally got around to designing a Whooping Crane craft! This craft would go great with Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle’s Book Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? That was one of Lorelai’s absolute favorite books when she was baby. It made making this one special. =) You can find more animals in the Animal Section. Print below and enjoy!

Open Whooping Crane Printable

Facts About a Whooping Crane
– Whooping Cranes are an endangered species, though captive breeding have recently brought their numbers up!
– They are the tallest birds in North America.
– They frequent marshes, shallow lakes, and lagoons.
– They live around 24 years.
– Cranes feed by foraging with their bills and gobbling up plants, shellfish, insects, fish, and frogs.
– Read more about Whooping Cranes here.

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