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Good morning, crafty folks! Today I’m sharing this gorilla craft that my six-year-old painted yesterday. I love how she used her watercolor paints here to blend the blue, purple, and black paints together. She made this cartoon gorilla craft a few years ago, so we were due for a newer, more realistic one. Print below and enjoy!

Open Gorilla Printable

Facts About Gorillas
– Gorillas are classified as endangered.
– There are only 700 mountain gorillas left on earth.
– Though their numbers are slowly increasing due to conservation efforts, loss of habitat and poaching are still a major threat to these animals.
– Baby gorillas like to ride on their mother’s back.
– Gorillas are herbivores and mainly eat bamboo and other leafy plants.
– Gorillas can live for 40-50 years.
– They are very intelligent!


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  1. says

    A great gorilla to go with the howler monkey from yesterday :). And I agree, your girl did a great job watercoloring that gorilla!

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