Color By Numbers: Fall Leaves

I’ve been wanting to start making worksheets to print for a while now. However, Lorelai broke our printer a while back and it wasn’t until this weekend that we were able to get another. The worksheet above is what I made. Simple and fun, Lorelai enjoyed matching up the numbers to the leaves and then coloring the leaves the color shown. I made two versions: English and Spanish, and since we’re working on Spanish vocabulary at the moment, I decided to print the Spanish for her! I’m also offering these downloads to you as well. Click below for one or both versions!

Open Fall Leaves (English) & Open Fall Leaves (spanish)

Some of the colors are a bit off. Unfortunately, crayons are hard to find around here. We buy a new box every couple of weeks and where they go, I haven’t a clue. So we made due with the closest we could find. =)

NOTE: Spanish word for “orange” is correct on spanish PDF (one pictured is wrong).

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