Lotso’s Birthday Party with Printable Invites


The guests: Baking Lotso’s Birthday “Cake” The Birthday Boy & His Cake I am very happy to announce that last week, Lorelai’s beloved Lotso turned 4 years-old. I made up some simple invitations and we had a low-key party on the patio. Lore baked him a cake with sand (the leaves are candles). Apparently he […]

{ Lorelai’s Header Drawings }

Ladybug by Lorelai

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here before, but Lorelai knows all about our blog. She knows that Gammie and PopPop visit regularly to see her pictures, and that her friends (and other kids) get to see her crafts and do them because Mommy (me) puts the print sheets up for download. On “her” […]

{ Lorelai’s Story & ToT }

I can’t believe it’s almost Thursday! This week has flown by. The blog has been quiet for a couple of days. We did a ton of stuff on Monday so Tuesday, we took the day off of crafting. We did our usual preschool schedule in the morning: reading lesson, preschool workbook, basic math, days of […]

{ Lobster Craft }


I’m having such a hard time blogging on time these days! We did this one yesterday morning. It took a few tries to get the footprint right because Lorelai kept smearing it, but I think it came out really cute. We talked about the ocean and how some sea animals don’t have fins (crabs, lobsters, […]