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Lotso’s Birthday Party with Printable Invites



The guests:


Baking Lotso’s Birthday “Cake”


The Birthday Boy & His Cake


I am very happy to announce that last week, Lorelai’s beloved Lotso turned 4 years-old. I made up some simple invitations and we had a low-key party on the patio. Lore baked him a cake with sand (the leaves are candles). Apparently he asked for a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. =)

We have birthday parties for Lore’s stuffed animals and baby dolls pretty frequently. I indulge her since birthday parties are her favorite, and it’s just like any other kind of pretend play. I made the invites printable, see below.

Open Birthday Party Invitations Printable

Do you ever have birthday parties for your child’s favorite toys? You should try it – I know mine eats it up!

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