{ Printable Alphabet & Numbers Worksheets }

Lorelai coloring in her alphabet

Lorelai has known the alphabet (upper and lower) since she was two, but every now and again she’ll get tripped up on a letter if she doesn’t use/see it for a while. I made this very simple printable sheet with all of the letters in ‘bubble’ form so she could color them in. There are […]

{ Word Practice: Zoo Edition }

M - A - N

I made another beginner word practice sheet for Lorelai, but this time Zoo-Themed. Instead of restricting it to certain word group (like with the Pirate Printable), I left the entire thing blank. Laminate or stick in a pocket protector sheet to use many times. Lorelai and I did “at”, “an”, and “it” words today. I […]

{ Practice Cutting: Zoo Edition }

Lorelai cutting

Zoo week is here! So so excited about this one because we’re ending the week on Friday by visiting the zoo, something we haven’t done in over a year (oops). Neither of us were in a crafty mood this morning so we did our regular homeschool thing in the morning and added in this cutting […]

{ Oceans of the World Printable }

Lorelai's Ocean

{ Download & Print: Our World’s Oceans Printable } This is another printable I made. Not as colorful and fun as most, but it does get the job done if you don’t have a globe handy – which we don’t yet. (It’s on my list!) We went through the different oceans and Lorelai currently knows […]

{ Ocean Worksheets }


I made these two ocean-themed print-outs for Lorelai to use for practice. The first one is a tracing sheet with ocean-themed words. She went over them in marker. You can laminate the printable or use a sheet protector to get more than one use out of it! Sorry, the quality isn’t the best in the […]

{ Beginning Blends Printable }

Beginning Blends

I wanted to incorporate some actual learning into our theme this week, so I made a transportation-themed printable. This one focuses on blended letters that come at the beginning of words. For instance, as shown above, FL ~ flower. My goal was to put a consonant blend in front of Lorelai and have her sound […]

{ Learning About Rainforest Animals }


Lorelai learned all about the animals of the rainforest today. We watched many videos on Youtube and the one above was definitely my favorite. I love how she went through each layer and gave examples. I made this cute printable this past Sunday when I was planning for the week. Each layer of the rainforest […]

{ Layers of the Rainforest Printable }

Rainforest Printable

{ Download & Print: Layers of the Rainforest } This week, Lorelai is learning all about rainforests. She got really excited when I told her about all of the crafts and activities I have planned for the week ahead. It’s going to be busy, but lots of fun! Starting off Monday morning, I showed her […]

{ Practice Cutting & Tracing with Pirate Printables }

Cutting & Pasting

I made these two printables so that Lore could get a refresher in cutting and tracing. She cuts a lot when she makes her own little “crafts”, but I thought it would be fun to make a sheet for her to cut out pictures of her pirate and parrot, and then paste into their own […]

{ Making Words & Blending Letters Printable }

Make A Word Printable

I’ve been wanting to make a printable like this for a while now. Pirate week seemed to be the perfect time to do this since the theme isn’t one that consists of a lot of learning… so I figured I’d add mesh the two! Lorelai FLEW through this one since we’ve worked a ton on […]

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