Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

homemadeornamentcrafts-110 Christmas is just a few short weeks away and we have been on a roll making homemade ornaments for our tree! Today we made a simple Christmas Tree ornament out of popsicle sticks. It’s one you’ve probably seen before – it’s a classic! I had a little crafting station set up for Lore when she got home. I glued the popsicle sticks together ahead of time so that she could get right to the fun part — decorating!

homemadeornamentcrafts-065 What You’ll Need – 4 popsicle sticks (we used jumbo), glue, green paint, decorations – we used sequins, but mini pompoms and buttons would be adorable as well! Don’t forget some ribbon or string! Our string was given to us by our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com. It’s meant for friendship bracelets, but since Lore is a little young to make those, the string worked perfectly for our ornaments!

homemadeornamentcrafts-099 What To Do – Glue your popsicle sticks together in the shape of a triangle. I did a dot of glue and pressed firmly. I used my scissors to cut te end of one popsicle stick and glued that down as the trunk. Then paint, allow to dry for a few minutes, and then decorate! So simple!

I hope you get a chance to do this fun Christmas craft! Check out our Christmas Crafts Round-Up for more fun holiday crafts and homemade ornaments!

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