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Yesterday I posted an adorable Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament and today I’m continuing on with the tree theme. When I set up our craft station yesterday, I also included this very, very simple craft. Lorelai LOVED it. She is actually happiest when she is flinging glitter in every direction, so I knew this one would be a hit. The best thing about this craft is that it only takes a couple of materials and looks fabulous on the Christmas tree. That pop of glitter looks great!

homemadeornamentcrafts-079What You’ll Need — A couple pieces of recycled cardboard (we used empty soda can boxes, but a cereal box would work just as well!), scissors, a sharp knife (or small hole-puncher) glue, glitter, string/ornament hook and sequins (optional – we ended up not using them). Our glitter and string was provided to us by for free and worked perfectly for this ornament!

homemadeornamentcrafts-092What To Do — Cut out a Christmas tree shape from your recycled cardboard. You can draw the shape first, then cut. Using the tip of your sharp knife, very carefully poke a hole towards the top of the tree by gently rotating. It doesn’t have to be big! Once your hole is complete, have your child spread glue over the entire side of the tree. We did ours on the plain brown side.) Then cover with glitter and allow to dry. We were originally planning on putting sequins on the front so that the tree would be decorated, but Lorelai decided she just wanted a glittery evergreen tree instead. =) We hadalso been planning on using the green string to hang it, but ended up just using an ornament hook instead.

If you’re anything like me and really enjoy no-fuss crafts, this one is right for you. It was so easy! =) Don’t forget to check out our fun Christmas Crafts Round-up for more fun homemade ornaments and craft ideas!

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