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Good evening! I’m relieved to finally get to post this cute blue Lynx that Lorelai crafted a couple of weeks ago. I took a week off of blogging and am now scurrying to get caught up with these posts. =) Anyway, I was excited to get to make this lynx. I am totally fascinated with [big] cats and think the lynx is one of the prettiest out there. My six-year-old agreed! She chose to go the colorful route on this one, and painted him in shades of blue with yellow eyes. The printable is actually two pages ~ I couldn’t get everything to fit on one sheet. Print below and enjoy!

Facts About Lynx

  • The lynx is an arctic cat that live in remote parts of North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • They are covered in very thick fur, which keeps them warm during their freezing winters.
  • They hunt at night and avoid humans, so they are very rarely seen.
  • The tufts on their ears aid them when hunting – they help them hear better!
  • They are a threatened animal. Some humans like to hunt them for their beautiful fur.
  • Read more about the lynx here.

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