{ Printable Monkey Craft }

Monkey Craft for Kids

Lorelai was up at 7 am this morning asking to do the monkey craft printable I had sitting on the kitchen table. We were out on the patio in our PJ’s painting this morning. Turned out pretty cute, I think! :) Directions/Printable at the bottom of this post.

Finishing up

Materials We Used:

  • Card Stock – for printing
  • 1 Background – optional, but the craft is more stable when glued down
  • Paint/Paintbrushes – Brown, Light brown (brown/white mixture)
  • 2 Googly Eyes – optional
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Directions: Print out the monkey printable, linked below. Have your child paint each part of the monkey. I labeled light/dark brown on the printable as a guideline – you don’t have to use it. Allow to dry, then cut out and assemble. I made sure Lorelai glued the arms/legs/ears UNDER the body/head so that it would look better.

Tip: Paint all of the dark brown pieces first, then add some white to the leftover brown to do the lighter pieces. Less to clean!

{ Download & Print this Monkey Craft }

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  1. Lisa Pauley says

    Thanks for sharing!! I am printing it out to do in the morning with my 3 year old. All day she has been begging to do crafts :-) I am so glad I found you through pinterest!

  2. Jackie says

    Love this! I’m a preschool teacher and my pre-K class’s name is the Monkeys, so I’m going to have all my kids make this!


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