{ To Be Grateful }

I’m grateful for the daily argument at bedtime. I’m thankful for the fight to get teeth brushed. I’m grateful for the asparagus and rice on the floor. The spilled milk. The baby dolls, beads, and crayons constantly scattered. I’m thankful for the 18 dirty, unmatched socks I unearthed from the shoe bin by the front door. I’m thankful for breakfast indecisiveness that always seems to last an hour. I’m thankful for scratched DVDs and Christmas ornaments knocked off of the tree. I’m thankful for candycane wrappers hidden behind stuffed animals and books. I’m thankful for the handprints gracing our walls. For the sippy cups under the bed. For the “just one more bedtime story” three stories ago. I’m thankful for morning crankiness and moodswings. I’m grateful for the back-talking and sassiness.

I’m grateful, so grateful, and I’m sad. Depressed. I haven’t been able to function today because I’ve been grieving for those poor parents and families in Connecticut. For the parents and families everywhere who have to spend this Christmas (and every day henceforth) without their children due to the horrible actions of another. I’m grieving for the children who lives were cut short, and for the those whose innocence was ripped away too soon. I’m grieving (and oh, so proud) for the teachers and staff who fought to keep the children safe, and ended up losing their lives in the process.

Máyo and I send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of those lost on 12/14.

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