Tissue Paper Turkey Craft

Cute Turkey Craft
I traced the craft circle so I would know where to put the glue. Then Lore added the ‘feathers’.

This is a fun and simple turkey craft that I totally came up with on the fly tonight. Lorelai spotted our new website header with the turkey and she immediately asked to do one. I didn’t feel like cutting out handprints and I already had the tissue paper cut out from our autumn tree (that’s not the one we did this year, but it’s the same concept). So we went that route. We also used some craft circles I’ve had for a while, but cardstock colored or painted brown, or brown tissue paper would also work.

What We Used:
  • 1 Paper Plate
  • 2 Craft Circles (1 medium, 1 small) OR Cardstock cut out & colored/cardboard circles/tissue paper, etc.
  • Tissue Paper for the feathers – red, yellow, orange, sparkly green
  • Glue
  • Marker or Googly Eyes
  1. Look at your paper plate and figure out where you want your turkey to be positioned.
  2. Trace the medium-sized circle with a pencil. Set aside the circle for later use.
  3. Add glue around the top half of the circle. Layer the tissue paper ‘feathers’.
  4. Color or paint the body and head circles.
  5. Once finished, add more glue inside of the traced circle on the paper plate and then lay down the body (medium-sized) circle.
  6. Glue down the head (smaller circle).
  7. Draw on eyes and glue down the beak and ‘beard’
  8. Allow to dry and you’re done!


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