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Tiger Printable Craft

cft-079 I said last week that we were finished with our Endangered Animals unit, but I was wrong. I decided to re-make a few crafts because the originals were cartoon-y and Lore had forgotten about everything we had learned. The tiger was one of those. We did the baby tiger cub & tightrope tiger ages ago and were due for a new, grown-up, more-realistic version. I think Lore did a GREAT job! She painted him orange and after it had dried, she went back and drew the stripes on with a sharpie. She asked me to do the face part and then she decided to use googly eyes instead of the ones I included on the printable.
Print below and enjoy!

Open Tiger Printable

Facts About Tigers

  • Tigers are endangered. They have been hunted for their fur and body parts, and their homes are overwhelmed by development.
  • Tigers are the largest big cats in the world!
  • Tigers usually weigh between 250-500 pounds and can stretch to be 6 feet long.
  • Tigers like to hunt alone in the dark. They sneak up on their prey and pounce before the animal even knows it’s there.
  • Unlike most cats, tigers love the water. They are strong swimmers and like to soak in cool streams and pools of water.
  • No two tigers have the same pattern of stripes – each is unique.
  • Read more about tigers here.

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