Thumbprint Pumpkin Craft


‘Tis the season for spiced lattes, sweaters, and… pumpkin crafts! Anyone else excited about this? I feel like I missed out on my favorite season last year with my high-risk pregnancy and a handful of website hosting issues. Lorelai, my almost 8-year-old, agreed that we need to get back on the horse this fall. We’ve missed it!


Anyway, today I’m sharing a super easy thumbprint craft. This is one of those crafts that can be left as-is, or spruced up with a little more effort. I like to think we took the in-between route.

What You’ll Need: cardstock, orange paint, black sharpie, scissors (optional), any anything extra to decorate.

What to Do: Seriously, this is the easiest autumn craft ever. Just dip your child’s thumb in the orange paint and press it down on the cardstock. Once it dries, draw on the stems. You can add faces to turn them into Jack-o-Lanterns. We did a few of those, too. =)

Extra: cut out into squares and layer it on top of a piece of cardstock. Add a magnet to the back and stick it to the fridge or tape it onto a string with other thumbprints. You can make it into garland that way!

I hope you get a chance to make some thumbprint pumpkins with your kiddo(s). It really is a simple craft to start off the season with — enjoy!

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