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We went on another little outing today to a local drive-in, The Showboat Drive-In. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realized that they had changed their times since summer (duh) and we were running pretty late. It’s quite a trek for us but with M’s bat-out-of-hell-yet-still-cautious driving, we got there only 20 minutes late… just as the first movie was starting.

I like this place. Big old screen. Comfort of our own car. We had to keep turning the car on (though not the engine) to defrost the front window. And you guessed it – our battery was dead by the end. LOL! Not very smart, but it was our only option unless we wanted to sit out in the cold like a bunch of others. (Not thanks!)

Also a big plus: 2 movies for 1/3 of the price of 2 outings to our regular theater. That’s including concession stand stuff!

So we saw Yogi Bear and Gulliver’s Travels. Yogi was adorable and funny and Lorelai laughed so hard at some parts. She was bored by the second movie but we bought some popcorn and she was content for a while. Then she fell asleep in Daddy’s arms – so sweet! Gulliver’s Travels was okay. Jack Black is funny so that made it bearable. It’s not something we normally would have gone out of our way to see, but we were aiming for shaking things up today so we stayed.

Anyway, so overall a great weekend and start to the new year. Hopefully it’s a sign of great things to come this year. 🙂 Friday we visited M’s family & saw Tangled 3D. Saturday we went to the zoo and made a special New Year’s dinner. And today we went to the Drive-In and had lots of laughs. Pink squishy family hearts – haha.

Next weekend we are taking a day trip to the coast to check out a lighthouse or (hopefully) two. I still have to do all of my research on that, though. Oy, and let’s not forget my birthday on Wednesday. I can’t believe I’m almost 24. Well, not that I feel old or that it’s incredible or anything… just that I’m not sure how my age snuck up on me. I’m still stuck in the “I just graduated high school” mode. It’s been 5.5 years. Eek!

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