Thankful Tree Craft

Our Thankful Tree

Being thankful is a year-round thing, but doing a thankful tree is usually reserved for Thanksgiving time. We have much to be thankful for in my family – a warm (or cool) home, my husband’s job, which allows me to stay home with Lorelai, family and friends, our health, and much, much more. I have talked a lot with Lorelai about thankfulness lately and she is always has something sweet to say. When asked, she will always say that she is thankful for her family first. My heart melts every time!

Anyway, we did this project this afternoon in no time. I know I have posted A LOT today, but she was off of school and half of the crafts we did were from yesterday. We had some time this afternoon and instead of watching TV, we made a Thankful Tree. We did something similar to this a couple of years back – check it out here. Lorelai’s handprints are way too big for a single sheet of paper now.

This was pretty simple. For the tree trunk, I just free-handed a tree trunk on a cereal box that had been opened and flattened. Cut it out and tape it to a door (or wall). Then for the leaves, I used 6 sheets of cardstock in fall colors. Traced both hands and cut them out (with the papers still layered). Very easy!

I hope you decide to do a thankful tree with your family. It’s fun project and a great way to get the kids to think about what is important to them!

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