Terrarium Craft Kit Review

If you’ve ever been to a Wal-Mart craft section, you’ve probably noticed these ready-made craft kits in the section for kids. We’ve always loved having a few of these crafts on hands for rainy days – my kids LOVE them! Horizon Group USA sent me a few kits to do and review with the kids. I chose to do this one first with my toddler.

Included were a variety of pebbles, sand, and mossy type material. As well as an adorable plastic jar, stickers, and two figurines – a fairy and a unicorn.

The instructions were pretty simple and straight-forward. I had to cut the little material bags open, but she did all of the pouring herself.

Adding the stickers to the jar at the end was Madeline’s favorite. Stickers are her absolute favorite right now! =)

Here’s the end product. We couldn’t get the figurines to stand upright with a toddler constantly jarring the container, but it didn’t matter much to her (or me). She was super happy with this and said immediately after that she wanted to make another. That’s a definite WIN in my book!

If you want to get one of these kits, be sure to check out Horizon Group USA’s website, or visit your local Wal-Mart. Your kids will sure love this one.

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