Tape Resist Painting

According to my six-year-old, tape resist painting is like “magic”. We did this fun painting technique when she was just a baby, so she didn’t remember what would happen when we pulled up the tape. It’s such a little thing, but that “oh wow!” made this paint project totally worth re-doing. =)

crafts_nov-045You will need cardstock paper, tape (scotch or painters tape will work best, but I could only find out electrical tape), and paint! I gave Lorelai three glittery paint colors – red, yellow, and blue. She enjoyed painting and mixing them.

crafts_nov-060You have to lay down the tape first. You can do a random pattern, letters & numbers, or shapes. We chose to do one random taping and then an “L” to hang on her bedroom door. They both turned out wonderfully!

crafts_nov-062I pulled the tape up when the painting was still wet. You can wait until it dries a bit. If you do it when it’s wet, just be sure not to smear some of the paint onto the now untaped part.

crafts_nov-063I hope you get a chance to do this fun painting activity with your little one(s). It’s a perfect creative project for after school or weekends!

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