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Year 3 of our homeschooling adventure started a few weeks ago. It’s the first year for me to (officially) teach both of my kids at the same time. While Lorelai (almost 13 now!) is mostly independent, there are still a few subjects I like to oversee. Madeline started her kindergarten curriculum and it’s been a blast. She is learning to read and it’s amazing to me to see her pick up on things so quickly. She loves books and when I read to her, so there’s definitely motivation for her to learn to read on her own.

I made this handy reading log to keep track of the books we read together this year. So far, we’ve read two Junie B. Jones and have begun the Rescue Princesses series. I plan on introducing some classics at some point this year. For now, we are going to keep reading the quick, fun ones to hold her attention.

Grab the printable below and keep track of you (or your child’s) reading progress through the year! For more motivation, check out our Reading Challenge printable to get them reading more!

Open & Print: Reading Log

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year! I know there are many challenges with the worldwide pandemic going on. Especially for the public school families who are suddenly doing distance learning… my heart is with you and your children as you try to figure everything out. And HUGE props to all of the teachers who are trying to hold things down amidst this craziness. Love to you all! Stay safe, friends.

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